Corporate Portraits

We do portraiture for Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, banking and investment companies, medical institutions, and diverse cultural institutions. Our founder and lead photographer, David Lindner, is extremely experienced (he is a fourth generation professional), is a pleasure to work with, and sets the high standard this studio is known for. Our service is perfect for executives, attorneys, consultants, linkedIn profiles, and group portraits. Typical one on one sessions last 15-20  minutes per person. When needed, we can also shoot a large number of subjects in one day.


We  expertly and thoroughly document all of your events - conferences, client meetings, presentations, company events, banquets, etc.  You will have extensive imagery to share on social, professional and public media that will tell your story and make you look great.

Brand Identity

How you represent your brand is important. Your website is your first line of contact with clients. It is where they discover who you are. We offer environmental photography, advertising and all kinds of marketing photography to help shape your image.

On Location or In the Studio

We have a full service studio in Chelsea, Manhattan. We are also available to travel for location shoots.

Expert Retouching

We know retouching can add a great deal to the original photo. We do high level in-house retouching  to ensure best quality results. Standard retouching, such as removing stray hairs and cleaning up skin, is included.  Upon request, we also offer expert advanced retouching for more highly complex needs.


Pricing for corporate portraits starts at $175 per person for a 15-20  minutes session. Pricing depends on the number of different setups, time spent on each person and any additional arrangements. For less than 10 portraits, a modest setup fee will apply. Event and marketing photography pricing depends on the  length and complexity of the event.

Our company is fully insured (covering access into any office building or event location). We have no hidden fees for equipment & transportation. We can offer on site  review of your photos during the shoot, so that you will feel confident you are getting the best possible results. The delivered image files have no usage restrictions.